You don’t know who you are until you know where you came from.


Welcome to the information found during the search for my family history. My thanks to all who have helped along the way including family members, historical researchers and the keepers of the archives all over the world.

About This Book:

Raines, Rains & Kindred

This is my attempt to compile some of the history of Raines, Rains and Kindred. Marriages, Births and Deaths and /or some details of life. Some records are tenuous at best, some history is missing due to wartime destruction of records or to little towns and communities that have disappeared from the maps of today. Many of the links of the family have been proven through DNA studies and a few surprises too.

Searching for Your Roots

To help you find your way around or place yourself in the Raines Family Tree start by utilizing either the searchbox above or the extensive Name Index. You can also follow the family visually through the generations on the Family Tree page.


Please feel free to contact Dorman L. Raines with any questions, comments or corrections you may find while perusing this book.