Douglas & Ellen (Miller) Bentley

1.3b.7.3.1 MILLER, Ellen Kathleen






5 May 1955, Greenup Co. Ashland, KY Our Lady of Bellefonte Hosp.


GED Colorado Springs, CO 1974


Reading, Crafts, Painting, Drawing; Writing Poetry; Working In Butterfly Garden; Cooking; Collecting Hummels And Angels; Traveling; Crocheting; Enjoying Quiet Moments W/ Husband









“I am the oldest daughter…born in Ashland Kentucky. Moved away when I was only 4 years old from there my life sent me to many parts throughout the United States and France and Germany as well. It was a very difficult ime for me in my life at the age of 16 when my Father was sent to Vietnam my family and I were sent to live in Fort Campbell, Kentucky where I attended Jr. high school and had just started my first year in high school when my Father was finally able to come home from the Vietnam war. At that time my family and I moved to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I think each and every one of my family members enjoyed Arizona so much. There was so much to explore and it was so different from what we had come from living in Kentucky. We were not to live in Arizona for long and my Father was sent to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where I met and married my husband Doublas Andrews Bentley on November 18, 1973. Doug was stationed with the Military police on Fort Carson. Shortly after our marriage Doug got an honorable discharge from the Army in March of 1974 Doug and I then moved to Denver, Colorado. Where we both worked for a year. Then we moved to Chicago we both lived and worked in Chicago in an area called Willamette. Doug and I both worked at a Nursing home for 2 years. We then missing Colorado so much moved back to Montrose, Colorado where my parents were living at the time. Doug and I were there for about 6 months. When Doug since the job market was not good in the small town. Reenlisted back into the Army once more. Which enabled me once again to travel to many more places. Both Doug and I lived in Germany for 10 years total and just loved it there. We traveled throughout Europe. Doug was given a medical discharge in June of 1986 while still in Germany. We were sent back to the states and moved to Florida…once he retires (we) plan on moving to Bozeman, Montana…I stopped working to help care for my Mom who had lung cancer…At this time I have started my own business from home selling jewelry that my husband and I make over E-Bay. Doug and I never had any children. We both continiue to enjoy traveling twice a year to explore new places. I am a very quiet easy going person. I am adventurous, I am a very compassionate person and very giving to a fault. I am very down to earth. I seek peace at all times in my life. I enjoy a very peaceful and harmonious life with my husband.”

Spouse: Douglas Andrews BENTLEY





21 Aug 1951, Detroit, MI

USPS Since 1987; Plans To Retire In 4 Yrs., After 30 Yrs.

Service GED While In The Army In Chicago, IL

Basic trng. in VA; sent to Colorado Springs, CO; stationed w/ military police Ft. Carson; honorable discharge Mar 1974; re- enlisted & lived in Germany 10 yrs.; medical discharge Jun 1986



High blood pressure

Collecting Guns, Camping, Fishing, Photography, Music, Restoring Old Cars, Traveling

“(Doug) grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan. His Father was a Methodist minister and his mother was a house wife. Doug has three brother’s who are older then him. At the age of 4 Doug’s parents bought a Cottage in Petoskey, Michigan where Doug spent all his summers growing up in. The Cottage sits back just a short piece from Lake Michigan. From the Cottage porch you can see Lake Michigan. Doug enjoyed a very good childhood growing up during the summer in Petoskey. When Doug was 10 years old his parents moved the family to Chicago, ILL. Which was a big culture change for the entire family from living in Michigan. But the family made their adjustments. Doug was Drafted into the Army while still in 12th grade. Went into the Army before finishing High School…Doug is a very strong man, very caring, quiet, good natured, and a wonderful husband.”


18 Nov 1973