Dedication & Acknowledgments

I would like to dedicate this book to my father, Jack Raines, and mother, Minnie G. (Stanton) Raines, of Union County Mississippi. I will forever be grateful for their parental guidance, their Christian faith and their many sacrifices on behalf of my siblings and myself.

I also recognize and thank my ancestors who left their homeland with the hope of giving their children and their children’s children the freedom to worship, to love and to live in this great country, the United States of America.

One of the most wonderful outcomes from this search for my roots has been meeting so many wonderful members of the extended Rains/Raines family, in hundreds of communities in six states. I interviewed many of the elders in several communities, former friends and neighbors of deceased Raines family members, who provided invaluable information and insight. Without their cooperation and reminiscing, this history could not have been written. I offer them my sincere thanks.

Brent Rains has been researching his line of the Rains family, descendants of John Rains from Bledsoe County, Tennessee since high school. He has been a goldmine of information, answering endless questions I’ve had, and continues to be a tireless helper, spending incalculable hours researching my branch of our family. His assistance has been invaluable.

Both Wanda James and Mary O’Neal have researched records of and talked with Raines families in Texas and Mississippi. Thank you so much for your fine skills in finding the details in countless official records, helping me clarify specific family-related discrepancies and our many interesting conversations while searching for the facts.

I also wish to sincerely thank Brenda Coda, who assisted me on both the original genealogy book and this second edition. The process involved, converting raw facts into what you see as this finished book, is quite complex and involved many software programs four of these software programs were used extensively , two of which were used for the first time for this second edition. For a Year Brenda studied Adobe Photoshop, versions 5.0.2 and 7.0, plus Adobe FrameMaker 6.0, a publishing software program.While I entered data into Reunion, a genealogy software program, we then used Microsoft Word to create reports. We then copied this information into Adobe FrameMaker where she created a variety of formats for different kinds of information to make it easier to read, such as the names of the Rains, Raines descendants, the spouse names, and the notes. She scanned over 250 photos into Photoshop, where she made them as sharp and flaw-free as much as possible, with a limited amount of time to spend on each one and working with wide variations in quality. Some photos were over 50 years old, some were xeros copies – and everything in between. These she placed one by one into the appropriate chapters and pages, making last minute sizing changes when needed. She proofread three times, to make sure the information and numbering flowed sensibly from one chapter to the next, and page to page. She helped me interpret, decipher and edit all the information while striving to remain true to the subject’s voice and grammar. She also took the thoughts I verbalized from my brain and wrote meaningful and coherent sentences, paragraphs and chapters. She devoted approximately 625 hours living exclusively with this project for seven months to bring this second edition to completion.

To express thanks to my wife, Vivian, comes far short of what I feel in my heart. She has tolerated years of my time gathering our family’s history, spent countless hours recording information during personal visits with numerous relatives. She even consented to incorporating time from our vacations for me to research various libraries and court houses. Where I would lose track of time sifting and getting cross-eyed reading old land titles, census, marriage and military records, she was able in a few moments to scan and quickly find many sources. Thank god she remembered when it was time to eat! My gratitude for your help is beyond measure and my love for you is boundless.

What you see in this book is the result of all these wonderful collaborations. I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me make this labor of love possible.